In Person Training

In Person Training


In Person Training

In Person Training


A short drive east from downtown LA, meet Gary in person and learn how to:

  • Sustainably lose stubborn body fat for good

  • Correct muscular imbalances

  • Safely build lean body mass

As a highly skilled coach with over 9 years of experience Gary has a great sense of knowing when to push and when to pull back, as well as a keen eye for details that often go missed that can possibly lead to an injury down the line. Together we'll implement a workout plan that fits best for both your body and lifestyle. Many times people hire a coach who simply is there to make them sweat, Gary will work tirelessly to help make you better. 

A customized program is created based on your specific goals and experience. 

One time sessions available below:


Online Training

Online Training

Online Training

Online Training

What to Expect During Online Training

  1. Digital Assessments: Assessment of your alignment and posture through submitted photos and movement through video.
  2. Learn the basics behind learning to lift with proper technique, correct soft tissue recovery strategies, and sustainable nutrition strategies.
  3. Follow up once a week checking in on your progress both fitness and nutrition.
  4. Continued support to ensure you're moving well and feeling the correct muscles are working.
  5. The final goal is for you to become independent in taking control of your own progress.

Distance coaching is a great option for those living outside of the Los Angeles-Pasadena area. 

Who is Online Training for?
Trying to shed those last few inches? Want to up your PR that just won't budge?

Online training is designed for the individual who goes to the gym but needs a work out plan. A custom program is created specifcally for your needs and gym setting, whether at home, work, or a big box gym.

Great option for those within the Los Angeles area. Programming can be done in conjunction with in person follow ups.

Online Training Includes: 

  • A custom three (3) month training program
  • Nutrition guidelines
  • Corrective strategies, when needed
  • Movement analysis
  • Support through e-mail correspondence
  • Skype sessions available (extra rates apply)

Limited spaces available to maintain the upmost quality and attention. Please note, a three month commitment is required.

Manual Therapy

Manual Therapy

Manual Therapy

Manual Therapy

Is Manual Therapy For Me?

Manual Therapy can alleviate many every day aches and pains such as:

  • Lower back pain upon waking up
  • Discomfort lifting your arm overhead
  • Shooting pain down your legs 
  • Chronic headaches
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Chronic knee pain
  • TMJ
  • Hip pain while running

What is Manual Therapy?

Manual therapy is a physical treatment (soft tissue manipulation) used to improve mobility in restricted muscles or joints. Examples of restricted mobility include sciatica, frozen shoulder, and carpal tunnel symptoms. 

How It Works:

1. First and foremost, your medical history is reviewed to rule out any structural issues, such as pain from a prior accident or a congenital abnormality. 

2. A thorough postural and movement assessment is performed to test range of motion, tissue quality, and gauge level of discomfort. 

3. A treatment plan is created to aid your specific needs. (Treatment timelines vary). 

What to Expect During a Session

All of our sessions begin with an assessment of your posture and alignment both standing and passively on the table. The assessments performed will be dictated by the problems you are visiting me for but I will also focus on your back, hips and feet as they all are often related in treatment. The sessions will be performed over your clothes. 

I use various bodywork modalities to bring structures and tissues back into balance. I advise clients to expect the treatment to continue working over the next few days and to stay hydrated, especially if this is their first time with any sort of focused soft tissue work. Every person responds differently to treatment and whatever discomfort you experience will only be temporary.

If you are experiencing multiple areas of discomfort or severe symptoms, you would be advised to book two or more sessions per week.

Stretch-Mobility Class

Stretch-mobility class

Stretch-Mobility Class

Stretch-mobility class


Stretch-Mobility Class

Why: Quite often the rigors of life catch up to us and we start feeling beat down. Things such as low back, shoulder and neck pain to arthritis; it’s not a foregone conclusion that these things have to get you down. Maintaining joint health and longevity requires us to continually move improving capacity and mitigating our risk for injury.

How: By using active tension and control to position ourselves, we gain control and mastery ver our positions. Using the FRC system to teach you how to self assess, improving your body’s positioning and improve neurological function.

When: Saturdays 7am

Where: 2620 East Walnut Street, Pasadena, CA, 91107

Cost: $30 Drop in rate


“It was a great class, glad to learn some new things about how to control different joint positions”- Christine N.

“It was good, I went straight to the gym to take advantage of the extra range of motion we were working on” - Van K

“Learned some new ways to stretch and mobilize, didn’t know that’s how some of these things were possible” - Shannon P

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