Products I Love



I love this product so much I often gift it to my clients. Great to use on your tense or sore muscles between workouts and between manual therapy sessions



I use this product for my feet, calves, neck and upper back. These are all places on the body you want sustained pressure without the worry of a ball scurrying away from you.



This is dense enough to bust through any tight muscles but with enough give not to make you yell (for joy). My favorite thing about this particular product is that it doesn’t stick to your skin like other massage sticks in the market.


Lacrosse Ball

Most people who are performing some sort of soft tissue work own a lacrosse ball, but if you don’t, here’s a direct link to one. It has enough give to not overload the muscles but firm enough to provide some lasting relief.



Personally I think it’s more effective and less expensive than other popular massage guns out in the market. Great for improving circulation, aiding in recovery and help get you back out doing what you love.


Perform Better Short Bands

I use these bands for various upper and lower body movements including mobilizations and warm ups.