Recommend Products

You don't love 2 cups of broccoli every morning for breakfast?  For everyone else, you can supplement with Greens+. One of my favorite products out on the market to help you get your daily servings of fruit and vegetables in. It also contains 200mg of probiotics which goes a long way in relining the stomach with healthy bacterium. 

After progressing from the foam roller you will need something more dense and targeted like a lacrosse ball. Solid enough to really dig into your muscles but not so tough that it has zero give to it. Choose a color and roll away before and after your workouts. 

For those hard to reach spots, the theracane is the extra thumb you didn't know you needed. I use mine on a daily basis and would highly recommend this product to everyone and anyone. If you've been foam rolling for a while, this is the relief you have to experience.

I use these short yellow and green bands for upper and lower body activation drills prior to starting your workouts.

While using the blue and black bands for targeted glute work. 

Build-a-Butt 12 Week Program, $20

  • For beginner-intermediate females looking to lean down and build muscles in the right place.
  • Program designed to be done in a general gym facility
  • Access (via e-mail) regarding nutrition protocol.