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Exercise You Need to Do: Constant Tension Hip Thrust

This tip today mostly goes out to the ladies but like I've written in the past; guys, lets not neglect glute work because chicks dig glutes too.

This version of the hip thrust is as effective as it is inappropriate looking. Rest assured that if you've been hip thrusting with any regularity and are not satisfied by your results the constant tension hip thrust will give you a kick in the behind. (See what I did there, one moment while I lol here at my own pun)

A few key points:

  • You have to be confident with your hip thrusting technique, adding speed to any lift is based on the knowledge that your technique is sound. Otherwise you'll be speeding your way to an injury. 
  • I like to give the cue it's like a piston on a car engine, you need to come down just as fast as you explode up into full hip extension. 
  • For greater glute tension, try to move the hips into posterior pelvic tilt.
  • Make Diamonds! That's how hard you want to squeeze your glutes at the top of every finish.