I got this variation from the LA Lakers S&C coach Tim DiFrancesco

I believe most people would benefit from performing more side plank variations as it will increase lateral stabilization and often times fix most internal hip rotation restrictions. 

A side plank targets muscles like the Quadratus Lumborum, Lats, Obliques, and the Rectus Adomonis. The best part of this movement is that as you rotate in and out of the plank variations you'll have to get tight throughout the body and resist both extension and lateral rotation forces on the body. 

How To:

  • Begin in a prone plank position with your arms at 90 degrees, one in front of the other. 
  • Brace into a plank position, deep exhale as to set the ribcage in the proper position and to achieve a strong core brace.
  • Rotate onto one side while simultaneously rotating the feet to help facilitate a proper side plank position. Careful to not lose proper "shoulder stacking", meaning you should not feel ALOT of pressure in the front of your shoulder while doing this. 
  • Rotate back to the prone plank and then repeat on the other side. 
  • Perform 8-12 passes total near the end of a workout.