Sort of wish we still had these old-time looking weights

Sort of wish we still had these old-time looking weights

Fads come and go but cornerstone principles stand the test of time. The concept of variety is grossly overrated in business and in life. Lets use exercise and using a barbell as an example. 

A Little Background on Barbells

One of the earliest recordings of the barbell came in the 19th century where the oldest types of barbells were simply hollowed globes filled with lead shot or sand. It was in 1865 that an American physician, George Barker Windship, presented a practical graduation to the dumbbell.

It was a plate loaded barbell which was made out of 8lbs cast iron shaft with the option of adding 22 plates ranging from a half pound to ten pounds. The maximum weight for the early barbell was 101 pounds. This was the first known incarnation of what we now know as the modern barbell. 

So why is this important?

Because the barbell has stood the test of time. We've used barbells for years to get in shape and will continue to do so in the future. How do you get in shape? Lift dumbbells, kettle bells, barbells, push sleds, and throw medicine balls. You know what won't work for you? Only using "As seen on TV" fad products and the like, without naming any in particular.

Will squats get you in shape? Definitely.
Bosu ball single leg squat juggling with 3 inferno bowling pins while watching Insanity? Not so much. (let that image settle into your mind for a moment lol)

Squats work thus it makes complete sense that people have been performing them FOREVER. It's not gimmicky, just a core movement that works. No useless informercial product here.

This same concept applies to nutrition.

Beef Chuck Chili > Ground Meat Chili

Beef Chuck Chili > Ground Meat Chili

Believe it or not unless you are a talented home cook if you want to look as lean as possible, a lot of your meals will be both boring and repetitive. Very few people have a few hours a day to dedicate to cooking elaborate meals, so most meal prep often includes boiled/steamed vegetables and stir fried ground meat. It's not sexy but it is what you need to be consuming if you want to get shredded, lean meat and vegetables.

Day in and day out almost every day is going to look similar. Put in the work, grind it out at the gym, meal prep, cardio, then rinse & repeat. It's boring, but it works.

No 21 day juice cleanse.
No 14 day shred diet.
No gimmicky teas or protein shake only diets

Focus your attention on time tested ways to get strong and fit.  Once you stop looking for the short cut and commit to consistency will you achieve the goals you've long desired. When life gets hard, when parties get in the way, are you up to the challenge? Will you stay the course when everyone else around wants to try the latest (most likely useless) fad exercise/nutrition protocol?

If you want to get in shape and you're reading this, I have the utmost confidence that you will