"There are plenty of people who will pander, race to the bottom and figure out how to, "give the public what it wants." But that doesn't have to be you. Professionals have standards. Professionals push back."- Seth Godin

That quote encapsulates everything I stand for, being a professional. Exercise and cooking aren't just hobbies, they're fields that I'm proud to call myself a professional in. I'm not in it for the money or the fame (clearly) but because these are two passions on my mind at every moment of the day. My goal for each day is how can I improve my cooking or coaching so that I can provide greater value to help more individuals. Not what idea will or program will make me  a quick buck. 

Looking for a fast sale or creating a business just for the sake of making money isn't in my blood. If you're not a professional, none of these principles matter. I will gladly give up the dollar up front for the pot of gold at the end if it also comes with a culture that I can proudly stand behind. 

Are you a professional or simply clocking in for a paycheck?*

*There's nothing wrong with clocking in and out for a paycheck, but do you take pride in what you do? Being a professional applies to everyone not just entrepreneurs in my opinion.