The Nordic ham curl can be thought of as the child of a full body leg curl and a glute ham raise. It really needs very few things to perform and is one of the best things you can do to bulletproof your hamstrings from injuries. 

A Few Key Points:

  • Keep the ankle dorsiflexed to keep your calf from cramping. 
  • Place something soft under for your knees, it's a lot of pressure to be placing on the knees. No need to be making an uncomfortable movement any more unbearable. 
  • Be patient, it will take time to be able to reach the floor under complete control. 

How To:

  • Anchor your ankles comfortably under an immovable object, or have somebody hold down your heels.
  • Kneel tall with your arms by your sides and imagine a piece of string pulling you upwards from the crown of your head. Fix your eyes straight ahead.
  • Lower yourself as far as you can under control, as you start to fail, allow yourself to fall to the ground and catch yourself with your hands. Push yourself back up to the starting position. 
  • If you're unable to even get a few inches forward, you can also anchor a band and hold onto it to make it easier.