This is not a new article on T-Nation but they do periodically repost old popular articles that are relevant to the topic of the day. I recall reading this when it was published but they have long since moved their comments section to their Facebook fan page. And of course...

When I got to their fan page, to my amazement this was the sentiment from a majority of the comments there. 

Seriously? I made this comparison to a colleague of mine who thought it wasn't completely ridiculous that SO MANY idiot guys thought this way. If you go to restaurant X and they decide that cheeseburgers should be made from ground tilapia and blue cheese, are you going to be pissed that they want to sell burgers like that? 

No of course you wouldn't, you would just think that's disgusting and move on with your life. You wouldn't spend any money there nor would you even give it a second thought. It's their restaurant, they can technically serve whatever they want to serve. You wouldn't get high and mighty about how they're ruining burgers.

Whereas if you PAID for a burger and instead of ground beef you got that weird ground fish burger; THEN you can get pissed off. 

T-nation is a free webpage. Therefore allowed to post whatever they want. You don't have to read it or even agree with all the opinions posted.  If T-nation started charging you a fee to read their EXERCISE and NUTRITION articles but sent you the article above then I agree, get mad.

Until then shut up and enjoy all the FREE information they're giving you, if you stop liking it just go elsewhere! If you don't like it, how hard is it to simply NOT CLICK ON IT! This applies to social media as well, if you don't like something, just don't follow...what a novel idea.
(Sorry guys, the sarcasm is a bit heavy there)

Okay...deep breath before continuing

Okay...deep breath before continuing

On a completely separate note, it makes me quite sad to read many of the comments on this post, sad but not surprised. Being a better person needs to supersede improving your lifts or gainz; get it together lifting community. Lifting teaches you so much about life, it's about time you start utilizing those life lessons.