Every week I receive an e-mail or inquiry that goes something like this:

I'm looking to get serious about my training but would like to begin in a month. I'm trying to work myself up to working with a trainer.

Here's why you shouldn't feel this way and needlessly spend your time spinning your wheels. Even worse, you may put yourself behind the proverbially eight ball with poor movement patterns and reinforcing bad habits. 


We Already Made the Mistakes For You

Individuals become personal trainers after many years of trials and tribulation both mental and physical. We've failed and learned from mistakes. So why spend weeks or months making those exact same mistakes!

We want to help you get to your goal in the quickest way possible, so you can have the body you've always dreamed of. If you decide to hire a trainer, it's not for an hour of their time, 3x per week. You're hiring them for their years of expertise and knowledge.

I go into work every day with the goal of making you better. Your goals are our goals, if you succeed then we succeed.

We've Been Where You've Been

Nobody likes change. Why go through it alone. Part of why you hire a coach is that they've been in your shoes at some point in their lives. That experience is something that can't be taught.  

And even if they haven't been in your exact position, a great coach should be able to empathize with your fears and concerns. Sometimes you look at a trainer's physique and think they've never been fat or out shape. Which is simply not true. We all begin from the same start line. 

Hair good for the selfie. Now where's that "How to Deadlift video" again?

Hair good for the selfie. Now where's that "How to Deadlift video" again?

Trainers Are Usually Not YouTube Educated

What I mean by this is not that we don't occasionally peruse YouTube to learn from better coaches, but that the overwhelming majority of our expertise isn't only from the internet.  

They've often spent years either in school earning a degree, a CSCS or being accredited by reputable certifying bodies like ACE, NASM, NSCA, and ISSA. This is another aspect of what you're paying for. If all they did was open up a magazine or choose a workout from a website, wouldn't you just do it then!? (sadly the answer is no for a lot of people)

I've spent a decade reading countless books and watching video products to be the coach that I am today. I'm not only proud but can stand with my head held high that I provide people the best possible service that I can.  I really believe this, down to my core.