Why Perform Bear Crawls

  • Great for serrate anterior recruitment 
  • Scapular upward rotation
  • Improved anterior core function
  • Great tri-planr stability

How To Perform Bear Crawls

  1. Being by setting up on all fours.
  2. Raise the hips up a little higher than the shoulders, moving into slight protraction of the shoulder blades. 
  3. Maintain a neutral spine and begin by moving opposite leg to foot i.e- left leg-right arm, right leg-left arm. 
  4. Take a big breathe before moving and exhale as you move. This forces you to slow down and with each big exhale you get the rib cage to drop down as well. 
  5. As you move you want very little side to side movement. you'll get a little but you want to exhibit great rotary stability.
  6. Remember deep breathe before moving and exhale are before moving. 

And for the Love of God, please knock it off with the boot camp style dynamic bear crawls. (How NOT to perform bear crawls)