Recently in London Gary Vaynerchuk was at Vaynerworld. This was an event organized by CEO of Creative Content Agency Raj Kotecha and Sujan Shah of Rocaba Group who interview Gary over a variety of subjects. While the interview is GOLD, there is one specific part that resonated with me.

Around the 57 minute mark is where he begins his closing statement and the truth hits hard. He discusses spending a large amount of time in his 20's speaking to 90 year old people. He says he was a hungry guy and wanted to hear it from people who had been there and done it. Gary laments that all of them started their life stories with "I wish". Wishing they had worked harder, spent more time with their family, and followed their true passions and not simply do as their parents desired. 

 The biggest poison in us is regret. 

You can tell me why how bad it is and why you can't do it. It's just not true. If anybody ever did it, then you can too. You're not trying to reinvent the wheel. You simply haven't found the one way to bring yourself disproportionate success. It takes time and effort to find it and when you do, go all in. Is it hard work? Yeah big time. And you may find out it was hard because you're actually lazy. Or discover you talk a big game but you're full of it. You need to come to grips with your truth and only then can you move forward. 

Stop making excuses. Stop complaining, nobody's listening. They may pretend like they're listening, the market doesn't care. What you need to do is make one person happy, you. Then you can make everybody else happy. You know why I like making people happy? Because I'm already happy. Understand are you doing the things that are putting you in a position to succeed? Not just in business but in life. When you're happy in life, your business can roll.

That final line hit me hard as I'm about to make some life altering changes in the next few months. I kept looking around at the things in my life that weren't working well, namely my business. When in fact I had so much to be happy about. When I acknowledged this, deep down in my core, I finally began to pull myself out from rock bottom. 

We only get one life, one time on this planet. Make it count.