This January marks the seven year anniversary that I've been paid to build strong resilient humans. In that time I can't even count on my two hands how many people I've hurt or injured!

That's because that number is ZERO!!
(One moment while I run around my apartment knocking on every piece of wood ten times over)

To an outsiders perspective my client programs don't wow your socks off. Some might say they look repetitive and boring. But what they don't see on paper is the end result of 2-3 sessions a week after a year. I help individuals get strong as an ox while also improving their mobility and joint health.

My training is all steak and no sizzle

There is no rotating circus moves on a bosu ball or hanging from a bar adductor work (I can't make this stuff up people!). What you will find are time tested movements and exercises that work. I vary my programs up by changing up tempo, loading protocols and positioning.

If you want to make individuals strong you need to make them good at lifting. I coach my clients toward mastery of movements. As they master the movement and get stronger, I can then open up my playbook of exercises if the client wishes to try them or if I think it will help them towards their bigger goals.

What My Programs Consist Of:

  • Squat
  • Hip Hinge (deadlifts)
  • Vertical Push & Pull
  • Horizontal Push & Pull
  • Loaded Carries
  • Anti-Extension Core 
  • Anti-Rotation Core
  • Select Flexion Based Core
  • Arm Work (Cuz who doesn't like a good arm pump)

All of the above alternate between unilateral and bilateral movement. Also incorporating in frontal plane (side-to-side) and transverse plane (thinking rotational) specific patterns.


Day 1

A1) Front Squat
A2) Chest supported DB Row
B1) Sumo Deadlift
B2) Face Pulls
C1) Side plank
C2) One arm KB Racked Carry

Day 2

A1) DB Bench Press
A2) TRX Inverted Rows
B1) DB Z-Press
B2) Farmer's Walks
C1) Plank
C2) Prone Trap Raise

Day 3

A1) Split Squat
A2) Pull Ups
B1) Hip Thrusts
B2) Seated One Arm Cable Row
C1) Pallof Press
C2) Waiters Walk

Day 4

A1) Barbell Front Loaded Reverse Lunge
A2) DB Floor Press
B1) Single Leg RDL
B2) Chest Supported DB Row
C1) Kneeling Stability Ball Rollouts
C2) One Arm KB Racked Walk