Growing up I was a huge WWF-WCW pro wrestling fan. And while most kids would have been a huge Hulk Hogan fan (I kind of always preferred Macho Man Randy Savage over him) my all-time favorite wrestler was Bret "Hitman" Hart. His moniker was the excellence of execution, which I suppose would be a little foreshadowing considering how big I am on proper execution of all exercises. Aside from having an opportunity to use a photo of my favorite wrestler today, allow me to use wrestling to convey a much larger point that pro wrestling and social media have a lot in common. 

SPOILER ALERT! Pro Wrestling is not real. Not real in the sense that the outcome of the matches are pre-determined. I do however fully understand the massive damage these men and women put their bodies through, nothing but respect. Occasionally I'll catch a match and am still in awe of their athleticism, but gone are the days of hoping the good guy will somehow prevail. Now I simply sit back and try to enjoy it simply as entertainment and that is intertwined with a suspension of belief. 

Pro Wrestling works BECAUSE those who are participating and watching understand that it's not real. It works because we understand it's a show, it's all OK because it's a production! Just like your Instagram or Facebook feed is your own self produced wrestling show you broadcast out to the world. 

The biggest dilemma is when you don't know that pro wrestling is fake. You think it's okay to objectify women, settle disputes with violence and cheat to win which in the real world rarely ends well. We all know individuals who live in their own wrestling bubble.

These individuals live in a made up universe of who they think they are, a life they think they lead and portray a dream they aren't actually living. They would rather continue to portray this "life", believing that the real world is simply an unwelcome disruptor. Whether it's the endless selfies, new cars or stacks of money everywhere, it's not real life. The real world isn't built on angles and good lighting, but you still believe it makes sense to build a business off of this. Even worse you believe it's okay to sell this "dream" to other people, it's a scam. 

Don't you know? Every good champion has their run before they're scheduled for a big loss. 

Yes I'm quite aware that Hogan beats Savage on this night

Yes I'm quite aware that Hogan beats Savage on this night