Is Manual Therapy For Me?

Manual Therapy can alleviate many every day aches and pains such as:

  • Lower back pain upon waking up
  • Discomfort lifting your arm overhead
  • Shooting pain down your legs 
  • Chronic headaches
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Chronic knee pain
  • TMJ
  • Hip pain while running

What is Manual Therapy?

Manual therapy is a physical treatment (soft tissue manipulation) used to improve mobility in restricted muscles or joints. Examples of restricted mobility include sciatica, frozen shoulder, and carpal tunnel symptoms. 

How It Works:

1. First and foremost, your medical history is reviewed to rule out any structural issues, such as pain from a prior accident or a congenital abnormality. 

2. A thorough postural and movement assessment is performed to test range of motion, tissue quality, and gauge level of discomfort. 

3. A treatment plan is created to aid your specific needs. (Treatment timelines vary). 

What to Expect During a Session

All of our sessions begin with an assessment of your posture and alignment both standing and passively on the table. The assessments performed will be dictated by the problems you are visiting me for but I will also focus on your back, hips and feet as they all are often related in treatment. The sessions will be performed over your clothes. 

I use various bodywork modalities to bring structures and tissues back into balance. I advise clients to expect the treatment to continue working over the next few days and to stay hydrated, especially if this is their first time with any sort of focused soft tissue work. Every person responds differently to treatment and whatever discomfort you experience will only be temporary.

If you are experiencing multiple areas of discomfort or severe symptoms, you would be advised to book two or more sessions per week.