Single leg exercises are fantastic for many reasons one of which is shoring up any strength discrepancies from the left and right sides. 

One of the better hip dominant movements is the single leg Romanian deadlift. 

How To

  • Pick up one foot and have a slight bend in the down leg.
  • Push the hips back making sure to hinge at the hips.
  • Focus on making sure the hips don't swivel as you push your butt back. A great way to help facilitate this is by kicking your leg straight as you hinge over. 
  • Hinge back and squeeze the glute in the down leg.
  • Perform 5-10reps and repeat on the other side. I would include this in the middle of a leg workout as an accessory movment

Here I've loaded the movement with a kettle bell, shown is the easier way to hold onto the weight by hugging it against your chest to decrease the lever of the body aka: makes it easier than holding it in your hands.