Most Basketball players love to score, I mean it's the main point of the game. Team with the most points wins. 

I've never been considered tall at any point of my life. As such I learned to be crafty as a player and loved to complete assists (a pass that leads to a basket). I knew that because I was so short, I needed to make an impact a different way. 

Growing up in Los Angeles it was all about Magic Johnson, except he was at the tail end of his career. To me the prototypical Point Guard was John Stockton. I would watch him play and try to model my own game after his. Any one who plays knows there's no better feeling than whipping a great pass through traffic to a teammate for an easy two points. 

He wasn't the flashiest point guard, but he was both effective and a great leader. Which leads me to tying this in to being a fitness professional. 

I believe an assist counts just as much as a scored basket. Because without your vision and pass, that basket doesn't get scored. 

As a professional I share all that I know because there's no point in me hoarding all the information I've acquried. Why not make every attempt to make those around you better?!

Watching games growing up analysts would comment that someone was a great player but unable to make those around him better. These guys would score points but do very little at empowering teammates. Steve Nash was great at this.

Steve routinely turned "okay" players into all stars (Exhibit A: Amare Stoudemire) only to have them turn back into ordinary players if they moved on to another team. 

As a trainer my job is to make all my clients better versions of themselves. Not only empowered but also more knowledgeable. I believe this same statement applies to co-workers and colleagues alike. I believe it is our responsibility to try and improve the industry as a whole. I will continue to share anything I've learned in the hopes that it might help a fellow colleague which in turn allows them to better service the general public. 

The hallmark of a great leader isn't what you can do, because we all know as the leader you should already be great. Rather it's how much better did you make those around you? Did you bring them up with you or leave them behind in search of your own agenda.