Most of us have heard of the Pareto principle which states for many events that roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes. This holds true to the media you consume. 

When spending our days listening to audio and consuming video on our phones and televisions, we need to be spending 80% of our time working on ourselves and 20% of it on miscellaneous media. 

My understanding of the 80-20 principle is that 20% of your effort is often responsible for 80% of your productivity. Well here I believe we need to flip the percentages. You need to be spending 80% of your time working on self improvement if you wish to even get close to a 20% increase in your effectiveness.

This is the professional looking to get better and earn a promotion but spends their weekends binge watching The Walking Dead. This includes the fitness pro who wants more clients and instead of seeking out sources of information during their downtime that might help them get in front of a client or two they're busy watching the game. 

It's a matter of priorities. Are you only spending 20% of your time improving yourself and 80% of it on "fun" stuff or are you focused on cultivating a life you've always wanted. If you're unhappy with how things are, it may be time to flip the 80/20 rule on it's head.