Marshall Faulk, one of the best to ever do it

Marshall Faulk, one of the best to ever do it

In American Football there's a term to describe a Running Back who plays every down, they're often described as an every down back or a 3 down back. 

This implies that they aren't a one trick pony and take the field for only one play. They are a true workhorse that might take only 1 or 2 plays a game off to catch their breath typically after a long series of plays or a big play they made themselves. 

An every down back is rare in the NFL today. Some can carry the ball well, while others are in there simply to block but can't catch the ball when the Quarterback needs an outlet. This is Adrian Peterson, injury and social opinions aside, anyone who follows football would describe him on the field as a workhorse. 

Are you an every down back giving it your all? Or do you need a breather every 2 plays. 

See this example is in the sport of football but this also applies if you work a job or run your own business. Have you a mastered at all the things your craft requires you to be a master in? Or are you only good at 1 out of 3 necessary skills? Learning all the skills required to be the best at your craft not only makes you more indispensable but with enough hard work you can be one of the best in your area which makes you even more sought after.

You can't score if you're not in the game. Don't wind up on the bench watching someone else come in and vulture your touchdown.