Question: Should I continue to produce content and articles if no one reads or interacts with them?

No one?! I high doubt that it's zero, rather you believe your engagement is too low. 

If something I say or notice might help someone then that alone is reason enough to continue publishing articles and social media content.

I'll continue to work harder at finding things to share and formulate opinions of thoughtful examination to share with these individuals. By doing so I will only continue to get better at writing and creating videos.

And if by chance someone reads this and they give me their trust, it's even better. A win-win for both parties. I have a fan for life or until I say something dumb or no longer provide any value. 

Gaining permission to speak to someone is the most valuable thing, you have their attention. There's no SEO or amount of social media monkey business that allows you to game the system. 

Treat others and run your business the way you operate and navigate the world. I engage with everyone (as long as it's not a bot generated comment or cookie cutter email) who wants to speak to me because I love helping other people when possible. To me it's all about creating connections. And large part of that is sharing something of value.