Every day stand guard to the door of your mind and feed it something good.

When you change your body you need to change your mind. And if you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. Simply put, once you expand your mind to new things it's impossible to go back. 

I often tell my clients that happiness is a choice, that you alone are responsible for what goes on between the ears. And seeing as you're responsible for what goes on in there, you need to filter what goes in. 

Decide that you will be the kind of person who gets from the day, today is Wednesday! We should be so fortunate to be here today. If this was your final Wednesday on this planet, would you complain about your job or school? I say no, you would start thinking about life on a much higher level.

Get something from today. Mindless wandering to get through the day means you aren't doing something you love. And life is too short to be doing things we don't love.