For years I've had conversations with fellow coaches and trainers about how to succeed in our industry. I would always fall back onto the idea of doing things the right way. And their argument would fall on deaf ears because how decides what's the right way? 

I do.

I can choose to build a business based on deceptive practices and attempt to squeeze every last dime out of each client I can get in front of me no matter what. 

Or I can choose to put their well being at the forefront of my decision making. And yes sometimes that means passing a client on to another coach who might be a better fit for their particular needs. I don't need gimmicks or specials to put out a quality product or service, I only need to continue to do what I think is right to me. 

Doing the right thing is always the right thing to do. I will succeed doing things the right way; my way is my own and might not be right for you.