One Section of my bookshelf

One Section of my bookshelf

Well this title isn't entirely true. I didn't like to read. I have learned to enjoy it ALOT now.

Sara is on holiday to the land down under with her Mum, and in the 2 weeks she's been gone I've plowed through 4 books, with the 5th almost done. 

A colleague of mine asked how is it possible I could read 4 (Adult sized books, no Dr. Suess here) books in only a week. Easy I said, and responded with a question, how many hours a day do you watch TV? He said 1-2 hrs a night. Well instead of turning on my television I read. Instead of lounging around the gym, I go read.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not telling you this to get on my high horse about reading, because I'm a big fan of TV (Stranger Things anyone?) rather to make a point. Reading is a habit, just like going to the gym or prepping food every Sunday. It might be difficult at first, but give it enough time and you'll turn it into an easy habit to do. 

We all know that we learn new concepts, ideas, and practices from books (audio book included), but why are we so adverse to taking responsibility for our learning once we graduate school? I learned that through the power of books things that would make me a better coach and Man. And who doesn't want to be a better human?!

Alwyn Cosgrove tells this story:
Someone once asked Alwyn how he goes about choosing the books he reads. Alwyn responded with "All of them". The guy looking confused as if he was expecting some sort of process or system about choosing the books then got a rhetorical question from Alwyn "Have you ever read a book and not learned something?" Even if you somehow knew every single concept in a book, didn't you reinforce your knowledge and "learned" that you really understand a topic. Even if you only learn ONE thing, that one thing can make all the difference in being able to make an impact in someone's life. 

That story above has stuck with me since I heard him tell it on a podcast.

With that I'll close with a statement from an acquaintance when I was in college.
"Books?! You don't learn anything from books."

And with that LOL, good day I say.