It's a pretty simple question that every person in the service industry should ask 

What Can I Do For You?

There's no photos or videos today. At the core of what I do is a burning desire to help anyone and everyone whether they hire me to or not. 

Chapter 9: The Best Marketing Strategy (1 Page chapter haha)


When I got to college, I didn't think I would ever want to be a doctor, but when they asked what's the one thing you want to do. I said I want to help people.

A decade later I'm helping people with their health, just without the MD behind my name. So as the title in this post reads, "What Can I Do For You?" 

How can I help you? 
What topics would you like help with or like to learn more about?
If you're on social media use the #askghfitness and I'll create a custom piece of content for you.  

Leave me a comment here and I'll try to answer as many as I can during my off hours. 
If you have a friend, share this with them and allow them to ask me anything as well.