Ideas are shit, execution is the game -Gary Vaynerchuk

The most recent episode of the #askgaryvee show featured Eric Thomas where both men discussed the following question

When does motivation end and execution begin?

Gary brings up a great point which is echoed by Eric that perhaps you are not motivated because you have been lucky in life. Lucky in the sense that you haven't had any real adversity outside of what luggage to bring on your vacation or what sandwich to order. Eric, a motivational speaker, says it's not that I'm not into money I just don't want to be homeless, I don't want to eat out of dumpsters ever again (If you don't know his story, boy will you feel like a privileged person when you do). 

Gary has brought up the fact that he walks around with the world's biggest chip on his shoulder. It's something that I can relate to, A LOT. In my opinion, the burning desire to prove something to yourself is the greatest driver of intrinsic motivation. 

Many of us have problems executing our plans and ideas, for whatever reason, be it fear of failure, fear of what others think, or fear of being called out as a fake. If you only do and speak from the heart, you'll succeed. When we try to pretend and "act as if" is where we run into failure. My days of fake it till you make it are long over, perhaps the worst piece of advice I was given as technology began to take over our lives in the early 2000's.

So you might have a great idea for a product or service, but until you start acting on it your idea is going to stay right where it is: nowhere. There's a cliche saying that if you wait until the perfect time to do something, you'll wait forever. In life, I believe this to be true. Do something, anything really, action is the name of the game. The faster the better. Then adjust course as needed.

Stop wasting time by saying it's time to Netflix and chill.
Stop team meetings to white board "strategies"
Stop watching yet another TED talk and/or motivational youtube video.
Stop reading another article on how to be the best coach or how to improve your (insert passion) for the hundredth time this week.
Stop lying to yourself.

I looked myself in the mirror at age 29 and said I'm full of shit. I talk a big game but am I really working towards this lofty goal? NOPE. Only once I began doing, start actually working hard, did I begin to gain traction.

So trash your "I'm Gonna's" and get to doing.