"Did you see so and so, they're doing exactly what I did the other day, can you believe them?!"

Yeah I can actually.

This is a conversation that goes on between fitness professionals and exercise enthusiasts alike. They get irked by the fact that someone they know is now performing something they've never done before and you can clearly tell they learned it by watching it from you. It's not perfect but it definitely looks like the movement you were just doing. (I've even had other trainers copy my entire session!) HOW RUDE!

Let me ask you a question: Did you invent the squat? What about the deadlift? How about the programming template you're using or basing your programming on?

That's what I thought, you took all these things from someone else. Why reinvent the wheel when you can simply use it to get you started. In time you will make it your own and thus no longer be a poor mans facsimile. I've taken from many greats in my industry until after a decade of lifting, they've all melted into a tasty training-program stew.

You can learn so much by copying successful people. The saying goes that success leaves clues. If you're a great trainer or have attained a phenomenal physique, and someone aspires to be where you are; then of course they'll copy you!

Would you prefer to learn something over 5 years of trial and error or 5 weeks by reading a book or watching a video course? 

I don't know anyone who would rather take longer to master a subject outside of some sort of do-it-on-my-own principle. This is why we read books and watch videos. We get to learn from individuals who spent weeks, months doing research! We then devour all that information in a matter of a couple of weeks.

So next time someone's copying your lift or programming, remember you most likely didn't invent it and you should take it as a compliment that they are wanting to be like you.