McWay Falls in Big Sur, CA

McWay Falls in Big Sur, CA

Hanging out in front of our airstream airbnb Yeah coffee ;-)

Hanging out in front of our airstream airbnb Yeah coffee ;-)

Hello world! I just spent a week traveling through northern California with Sara and am amped to get the ball moving with training, both for my clients and myself. 

Before leaving on our trip, I was feeling a bit burnt out so the trip came at a great time. I had some time considering you get zero cell phone reception in Big Sur to think over this one thought:

How can I help more people?

WARNING: I'm going to ask you to purchase something from me! GASP Online Training

Did you know I am now on Well now you do!

For anyone who's wanted to work with me but was outside of Los Angeles county, I can now program your training and nutrition for you. There's also a handy mobile app that allows you to take your program with wherever you go training. 

Programming includes video analysis of lifts, along with access to me via e-mail to answer any and all questions you might have. 

Please shoot me a message and I can send you an invite code to get things started.


I've been asked in the past by some followers on Instagram if I was available west of Pasadena. I've decided it was time to ask if you happen to know of a friend or colleague who might be looking to work with a dedicated private trainer out in the West Hollywood area. I've found a great facility, now seeking a few great clients to get going. 

Any and all referrals will come with a pretty nice gift (hint: Free Training for you if they sign up). So if you happen to know of anyone please do send them my way, I would appreciate it very much. Did I mention I'll hook you up with at minimum a month's worth of training for free.