Seth Godin appears in my Book to Read for the second time with "Linchpin". Just as Purple Cow showed its'readers what it meant to create work that stands out, Linchpin teaches us that the work worth creating is work that allow us to become indispensable.

Linchpin is Godin's attempt at saying that simply showing up at our job is no longer enough. If we show up to work, conform, follow instructions and put in an "honest day's work for a day's pay"; we are to soon become invisible, a plain brown cow on the side of a long road filled with other brown cows (If that didn't make sense, go back and read my Purple Cow article).

Only showing up and doing what you should already be doing allows you to be easily replaceable in the eyes of management. The book argues that the best ways to be a linchpin is to be remarkable, insightful, an artist and a leader. 

Other awesome insights from this book:

  • A linchpin acknowledges the resistance (the lizard brain) but fights to produce work that matters. 
  • In accordance with Metcalfe's Law (states that the value of telecommunications network is proportional to the square of the number of connected users of that system) A Linchpin doesn't need authority to be influential. Connect with others in a genuine and authentic way which as a result will be influential.

  • The FedEx Principle: One of their slogans is "The World on Time". A linchpin not only gets awesome work done, but done on time. Out the door and ready to ship. They don't focus on perfection, rather hustling to make sure it gets out the door. SHIP IT!

  • Successful people are successful for a reason: They think about failures differently. No one decides they want to be indispensable over night. You have to show up each day and put in the work. You may fail your first try. Your product may not sell or your service may not be in demand. You boss may be unhappy and people may not be moved by your art, but you know what? The best move forward to continue making more art, produce more work, and give more gifts. Learn and move forward. 

"You are responsible for your own experience. The best way to get approval is to not need it." - Seth Godin

I highly recommend this book, as with all of Seth's books, it's filled with insight from cover to cover and is an easy weekend read.