I should've known I was to be an entrepreneur, it's been in my blood since I was 4 years old. I spent more time in the back of a restaurant than a playground. When I was home, I would pretend to be the owner of a diner making pretend menus, arguing over price points as a child with my older brother. I wish I still had one of these menus to post on as a #tbt.

Obviously hot dogs need to cost more than a hamburger! 

Didn't say not for rentals. HA!

Didn't say not for rentals. HA!

In elementary school, I started renting out Nintendo and Super Nintendo games to my classmates. I would take a game as collateral from them and charge them a fee each week. And if they were late I would charge another fee or simply keep their game if they failed to return it to me. Looking back what would've stopped someone from just giving me a crappy game and keeping the one they wanted. I guess it worked out since I only rented out to friends. 

My biggest money maker growing up was inspired by a line of CD's in high school, "NOW That's What I Call Music".

Around then I received a brand new HP desktop computer with a writable CD drive which allowed me to make my own cd's in an hour! This also was the height of Napster and copycat file sharing applications so overhead was low (albeit illegal). One evening I was watching an interview with the creators of NOW, and they mentioned something that turned the lightbulb on in my brain. They mentioned that when compiling the music, the order of the songs is as important as the songs you choose. 

So....they made mix cd's and sold them for $20?! I could create my own mixes for people, arrange them the way I wanted and make $1-2 each one and earn money to pay for lunch. I would have people compile a list of songs they wanted and I would arrange them in the most pleasing order going from uptempo songs to placing the slow jams at the end. 

 I never had to ask my parents for lunch money after this idea. 

After years of being told to get finish college and grow up to be a doctor, I went against the grain by first attending culinary school and now by deciding to be my own boss. 

I love my parents, but at the end of the day, it's my life. Do what you need to do to be happy. Don't do anything for someone else, the last thing you want is regret.

I never want to say "I Wish I had done..."