This past February Kia rolled out this funny commercial about "participation" trophies.  It's a short clip, watch below and get a few LOL's.

Woody Allen once said "Showing up is 80 percent of life." He might be on the right path that showing up is important but simply showing up is never enough. It's what you do once you show up that matters. 

You aren't entitled to shit simply because you tried.

This attitude is found throughout the fitness industry.

I hired a coach, so there!

I joined a GYM!

I started a "juice cleanse" diet.

None of that matters if it doesn't lead you to make changes to your life. Hell most people hire a trainer just to shift their blame to the coach! "Well I didn't lose weight, must be my trainers fault. Where's that double-double cheeseburger?"

Showing up is 20 percent of life, it's what you do once you're there that adds 80% of value to your life. It's never the idea, it's the execution.