Yes let me repeat that, Whole Foods isn't only for rich people.

Yes I know some items there are overpriced, but it's also a great market for those who want more transparency in where their food comes from and how it was sourced.

A lot of things are more expensive because it costs more to humanely raise a piece of cattle than the feedlot variety you pick up ON SALE! at the supermarket for 1.99/lb. Cliche as it may be, but you get what you pay for.

This article published a couple of weeks ago below encapsulates the problem with the perception that Whole Foods is only for the rich, especially here in Los Angeles. 

Take a moment to read this...I'll wait.


Okay you're back! $74,371! Are you kidding me!? Here's where I really go Hulk smash and punch in a bosu ball.

(Note: I am aware that these numbers don't add up to 74,371, I'm only quoting the article)

$37,185 for those necessities, $22,311 for fun and entertainment, and $14,871 for savings.

So in order to live comfortably you HAVE to earn over 70K to be comfortable. Are you insane? What city are you living in that you think you need to earn that much. MOVE somewhere more affordable!

Seriously what bizzaro planet do you really think you would be better off spending $7,439 more dollars on FUN than SAVINGS!? If you're a single person living alone or with a significant other and you're pulling in 25-30k a year; you'll only feel strapped because you feel entitled to a better living condition!

Most cities in Southern California Los Angeles area have affordable 1 bd/1ba options in the $1,100-1,300 range.

1 Person @$30,000/YR, $2,500/MO

  • Rent: $1,200
  • Food: $300
  • Utilities: $60
  • DSL: $25
  • Gas: $80
  • Insurance: $60
  • School Loan: $500

Even projecting on the higher end for food and a school loan which you could easily change into car payment, you're still left with $355/mo! Is this an ideal set up? No, but you can still put away $100/mo which is more than most do and still have about $250 to go out a weekend or two. Want to save more? Get a roommate to go 50/50 on rent or find ways to cut back on food costs and all the "have to do" things like after work happy hour. 

You want to go to coachella? Guess what you don't currently earn enough money to go! Movies every weekend? Disneyland annual pass? I ought to slap you upside the head. You can faceplate into the pavement if you even think about charging those types of expenses. 

I know that I can purchase the same organic kale from the exact same farm at a Sprouts market for $0.75-$1/bunch less than at Whole Foods. Are you going to drive to another market? Well if you want to eat well and save some money, plan your drive ahead of time and you can. Even better deals are found at a farmer's market, which most cities offer at least once a week and often have fresh kettle corn for you to happily splurge on!

Since this is a fitness site I would be remiss if I didn't mention physique athletes. Just because you enjoy the competition doesn't mean you HAVE to be a physique athlete. If you actually care about the long term health of your body and the environment, then buying feed lot water injected, antibiotic laden chicken breast value packs shouldn't be in your cart. Maintaining a particular sized physique is hard on the wallet, but also understand this: It is YOUR choice to do this. No one is holding a gun to your head saying COMPETE!!!!!!

One can consume a reasonable amount of protein (1g per kg) to maintain a good physique, which is an arbitrary self imposed standard of course, then you SHOULD be able to afford meat from a place like Whole Foods. If you decide this isn't important, then don't complain about "Whole Paycheck", go back to econo-market bro. 

Living beyond your means is the problem most have with trying to live in one of the most expensive cities in the United States, not because they're earning too little. Just because you live here doesn't mean you're entitled to shit. If you're unhappy with your current situation, then change it! This is especially true if you're a healthy single American citizen and fluently speak the English language!!

Stop making excuses why things aren't how you want them to be. Grow up, learn that there's more to life than wasting your money every weekend. Then MAYBE come the following month you won't feel the urge to say ah shit, it's too expensive to live in LA as your search your couch cushions for rent money.

You aren't entitled to a damn thing. You want something go earn it. If you want things to change, the first things that needs to change is YOU.