I've been on the fence about starting up a podcast for quite a while now. I decided to stop waiting and just do it. It's often said if you wait for things to be perfect, you'll be waiting forever. While production value is definitely going to be low (at least on the first few episodes while I figure this out), I hope that the content from the show can be a resource to young aspiring coaches and trainers.

I've been a huge fan of podcasts ranging from Tim Ferris, The $100 MBA Show to the Fantasy Focus Podcast. I feel that you can learn so much while driving to and from work! The ability to replay lessons and interviews has been a key component to learning new topics. 

On this first episode I interview Adam Di Bella, from AMP Training located in the New York area

I met Adam a few years ago and have gotten to see him come into his own as a fitness professional. He along with his business partner Chris Cooper have created a special training environment out on Long Island. Their approach to prioritizing movement above all else has made them the go-to place to train in the area for athletes of all ages and skill levels. If you happen to be out there, I would definitely recommend stopping by to work with Adam and their team.

In the inaugural episode we discuss Adam's start in training, the obstacles he and his partner Chris faced in opening their facility, keeping the lights on VS doing things "the right way" and what many trainers overlook, the topic of leadership.

I hope you enjoy!

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