Question: Where did you learn all the things you know? How did you change your outlook on life, you're a much more positive person now! I knew you were into fitness but you've got a different energy to you! (this person has known me for years)

Two years ago I started on the course of changing my life. I've always enjoyed personal development and would frequently listen to podcasts. One show I listened to was the James Altucher Show. Earlier this year James featured this fast talking brash businessman plugging his upcoming book. I had never heard of him but within 5 minutes of the interview I was hooked. It helped that he spoke like me, sounded like he had the world's biggest chip on his shoulder and swore enough to make sailors blush. Who is this guy, all his stuff is hot fire! Plus we share the same first name and he's not 70 years old (every Gary I've ever met is always 60yrs+), that's always a plus.

Those were my initial thoughts on Gary Vaynerchuk. 

This was the first video I watched on his YouTube page, since then I've tried to consume every  piece of video content Gary puts out. 

To say that I was an unconfident, indecisive, and negative individual is an understatement or what Gary would call a losing player. Any free moment I had was geared toward changing all of that. This process came about because all I would do was listen and relisten to all of Gary's content. So much so I drove my wife crazy having to don headphones around the house. 

If I was cooking, it would be a keynote. Cleaning the house? Another keynote. Out for a walk? Better believe I had earbuds on and listening to another Q&A from Gary V. What I got from it was a confidence that I've never had. His ability to articulate what I had been lacking in a way that spoke to me as opposed to being talked down to. He's spoken about how he feels his confidence has rubbed off on those who work with him directly. 

While I've never had the pleasure to meet Gary yet, I can say his exuberance and energy has rubbed off on me simply by surrounding myself with his content. I've never been this hyper focused on crushing it, Thanks Gary, even if you never read this.