Hunger and Hustle go together like PB&J

How bad do you want it? Are you willing to give up things that don't matter and don't help you achieve your bigger picture goal?

Are you hungry enough to want to become the best? First mover advantage aside, in order to catch up to the leaders in your industry you're going to have to out work and out hustle everybody else in your space.

I know how much harder I am capable of working, and still I look at my week, my 168 hours each week, and know I can continue trimming down things that aren't in line with my bigger picture goals.

Working harder includes being more organized. Applying this logic to fitness would mean being more strategic with your training as opposed to simply putting in more work for the sake of "going H.A.M.. More work is more work, it isn't necessarily better. If you organized your training better and dialed in nutrition then you would see more improvements versus putting in two a days or more time on a dreadmill.