"A big "following" won't guarantee a knowledgeable coach. And having great knowledge won't guarantee a big following. No point losing sleep."- Lee Boyce

This great tweet from Coach Lee Boyce makes a point that many fitness coaches and trainers fail to understand. One that I can admit fell victim to as well. 

Depth > Width

Peruse your Instagram explore page under the hashtag "fitness" and you're bound to come across many "public figures" who seem to dish out A LOT of fitness advice and tips. Some good, some bad, either way they're caught somewhere between Instagram model and protein powder affiliate marketer. 

It's only recently that great coaches are getting on board with the use of social media to help push their businesses. It's why more people know Jen Selter and have never heard of Greg Robins or Kaitlyn Sharpless. I believe legit fitness professionals who strive to get better each day, work on cultivating the relationships with followers instead of focusing on how to only grow their following. 

To no fault of the general public, it's makes sense that big numbers often skew perception of expertise. If you look through someone's feed and it's got a 100:1 selfie/selling powders to useful tip ratio, you might want to look elsewhere for fitness and nutrition advice.

Unless selfies of half naked people and promo codes to buy pre workouts is your sort of thing. Not judging you...just saying.