Question: I noticed you've been gaining a steady stream of new business, what sort of tactics are you employing to advertise? Instagram? Facebook Ads? Yelp? Google adwords?

This was an easy answer but I don't think it was the response they were looking for. 

You ready?

Grab a pen and pad ready because this is a doozy of a tip....okay?


That's it. I care about people. Creating content is important but it doesn't matter if you lack heart. Allow me to create more context around it. 

My edge doesn't come from good website S.E.O (I venture to guess it's not that good last I checked) or paid influencer marketing, rather it comes from the fact that I listen to my clients and genuinely care about their well being. 

Before there's any exchange of money or assessments performed, it all starts with me. You have two ears, two eyes and one mouth; use them in that order. Am I in the state of mind to truly help this individual? Do I know how to help them?

If I'm not I will pass this client on to someone else who I think will be better suited at addressing their needs. I've turned down business, taken less money, and advised potential clients against training because it was in their best interest to do so. 

I believed in this when I was scraping the bottom of the barrel earning less than $2,000/month from training. Caring is in my blood. It's in my DNA. It's not a tactic or a marketing ploy, it's truly who I am. 

And if that's not who you are (I speaking to my colleague) then this is not the right industry for you. Stop thinking with only your head and start thinking with your heart. Do that and you'll grow because you'll be so tied in and invested in your clients that they have no other choice but to succeed. And their success if your success.