The one arm kettle bell racked carry is a favorite of mine for a few reasons. As is with all loaded carries, they're a core endurance exercise you can't cheat on. This version also helps to lock in the proper core position: THINK: Neutral, Brace, and Breathe. 


1. Choose a kb and lift it up to the rack position at a shoulder. 

2. Positioning should be:

  • Elbow packed down by the body
  • Kettle bell resting into your body
  • Wrist neutral
  • Thumb into your collarbone

3. Walk down in a controlled manner focusing on not swaying or leaning. Don't forget to switch sides. 


  • The unilateral loading like in a suitcase carry will force you to stabilize the body and not allow it to lean away. 
  • Don't stick your arm straight out to your side, it defeats the purpose of the exercise by helping to "balance" yourself out. 
  • Instead make a fist and simply keep your arm down by your side. 
  • This is a great go-to move for anyone with rotator cuff issues as it is a huge isometric loaded move. You feel all the muscles in the shoulder working without having to move your arm anywhere.
  • Work up alternating between simple one way trips and lightening up the load and performing one side for multiple trips or even for timed sets building up endurance in the shoulder.