Comically it often goes a little something like this:
(As tweeted by Tony Gentilcore)

Client- My back is hurting again
ME- Ok, are you doing the stretches and mobility work I showed you?
Client- Not anymore
ME- Off to go lie face down on the turf.

Any fitness professional can commiserate with the exchange above. Client has a persistent problem, alright...and I am showing you a legitimate solution, CHECK! 

So why won't you do what you're paying me for and use my advice?????
Could be a few reasons like the following:

It takes too long
I forgot
But it was feeling a little better, so I stopped.

Add whatever crazy idea you can concoct, they all pale in comparison to the true reason which is, it's my fault. I've clearly not done my job communicating simpler steps for adherence, its' importance to you, and worst of all not coached you up on an emotional level (Versus only speaking from an analytical standpoint, which fails more often than not due to us humans being emotional decision makers)

But you might say, Gary it's not your fault that they don't do what you're telling them to do. 

Oh but it is. Here's a simpler black and white example

You failed an exam

From the beginning, the course explains what you'll need to learn, the instructor gives you a syllabus with the topics that will be covered and you have your textbook. Yet you failed to pass. 

...the professor included some things that weren't on the syllabus, thats not fair. 
...the textbook is really boring.
...I should've studied a little more but my buddies were going out to the bar.
...I only attended half my classes. 

You know what this person sounds like? A losing player who blames everyone and everything for their failures instead of taking full ownership for the end result. Is it fair that the professor included topics that aren't on the syllabus? Well you would've known that if you had bothered to attend more than half the classes. The textbook is boring, but you signed up for this course, didn't think Geology 100 might be a wee bit dry of a subject? These are positions you've chosen to put yourself in, you've made your bed and now you've got to sleep in it.

See, whether its passing an exam or trying to get someone to change their habits, if you don't go out of your way to coach this individual up, they're going to fail. And that's on YOU. 

Client's not losing weight? YOUR FAULT
Client's shoulder still not getting better? YOUR FAULT
Client hasn't made any strength improvements in over a year? YOUR FAULT

Not to be Debbie Downer (if you need a good LOL here's the clip I always think of when someone uses the phrase "debbie downer"), I paint this picture to emphasize the point that no matter the situation you can always find a way to dictate a more positive outcome by anticipating and reacting accordingly. There are no bad teams, only bad leaders. And guess what my fellow fitness professional, you're the leader!

If I have a client unable to understand how to hip hinge. I'll go through multiple explanations and drills until I find one that works. What I WONT DO is say, well this person isn't capable of learning and stop caring.

Who doesn't love working with the healthy and type-A self motivated individuals who want to lose weight or gain muscle!? Those clients are EASY! 

For me, I LOVE working with a tougher crowd, because it's all that more satisfying when these people "get it".

  • Rehab population
  • Someone with a psychological barrier preventing any weight loss plan from working
  • Elderly clientele
  • Women who are intimidated by the weight room
  • Youth athletes

To the fitness professionals who avoid these clientele groups?**

You keep playing checkers while I play chess.

The topic today covers one of the key components to the book "Extreme Ownership". A great read written by two Navy Seals expanding on lessons for life and business on being a great leader.  

**Why would you if they make up over half of the potential client base, do you not like being gainfully employed? The amount of people who "need" a coach who are type A individuals are far and few. Just saying...