I really like you.

I enjoy the 3 hours we spend together each week. 

And that is why I don't ever want to see you again in the gym. 

For all of my clients, my wish for them is the confidence and knowledge to move forward in their journey and the ability to filter through good and bad information. The vast majority of my clients finish their time with me around 2 years.  In that time we learn many life lessons: consistency, hard work and perseverance to go with how to perform a multitude of lifts. 

You're not paying me for a "good workout" or a meal plan, rather you're investing in an education for your future health. I hold nothing back. My understanding is that a lot of coaches willingly withhold information in fear of losing a client. I'd be lying if this didn't keep me up at night, as I'm sure it's a constant source of stress for all personal trainers and strength coaches alike. But I also believe in providing people the BEST service I can give. To my fellow coaches, addressing the fear of losing a client, I have always believe that the best way to get earn future business is to produce results. 

I want you to be great. I want you to achieve every single one of the goals you've set out for yourself. In the beginning you'll need me to walk you through it but in the end I want you to have the confidence to continue on with or without me. 

The mark of great coaching is what the athlete looks like when the coach isn't around.